Learning about mobile application development

Sep 21 2020
De Vaja class of 2020

De Vaja class of 2020

My name is Taneli and I am an engineering student from Centria. I worked last summer in the De Vaja 2 project. We created an app called Statsie for iOS and Android. I knew nothing about mobile app development before this summer, but with the help of other trainees and Livion developers, I learned quickly. My skills are now at a level where I can independently create an app for mobile.

Statsie is an application where the user can create events they want to track in their everyday life. For example, I can take a picture of a coffee cup and write the tag #drinkCoffee for it. Anytime you drink coffee you click on the event. Later you can see a variety of statistics about it, such as how many times the event has been completed, how much time has passed since the user last pressed it and how popular the event is within the community.

I heard about De Vaja Academy earlier this year when Jani Ylikangas from Livion visited Centria and told about the previous De Vaja project. It was a very interesting presentation and I decided to apply for the trainee team. The exercises found on the De Vaja website were challenging but instructive. I really recommend doing them! For me, this project was a big step in my career.