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Welcome to the home of De Vaja. This academy page was created to support the journey of Javascript beginners towards professional web development. Livion gathers 3-4 trainee teams annually to work on De Vaja projects. The team members are selected based on their motivation and skillset. This page includes a self-evaluation form and three exercises that are needed to be completed in order to apply for open team positions.

Rari Ikaros looking for new trainees

Rari Ikaros looking for new trainees

Teams will learn programming from Livion's top developers and get free access to internal training sessions. Team members can work from Livion office in Kokkola or remotely. To apply complete the form and exercises and send them to with a title "De Vaja trainee application". Please also include your CV and link to your personal programming projects.

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Below are the exercises that you can do before applying for De Vaja trainee teams. Please deliver the completed exercises by hosting them online and sending a link to Also provide a link to GitHub or similar service so we can review the source code. But most importantly - have fun programming!

De Vaja JS exercisesDe Vaja self-evaluation form
Tomppa hard at work as usual

Tomppa hard at work as usual

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De Vaja Short Film Released
Feb 10 2020

You can now watch the whole short film "Kun koodarit rakentaa linnunpöntön" on YouTube and Facebook. The video was created by Livion developers and trainees to show the fun we are having while creating awesome and innovative things. We hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends and network.

First Graduates
Dec 13 2019

The first ever De Vaja trainee team will remain in history as the creators of the coolest birdhouse ever built. During the project the team and Livion developers created the short film "Kun koodarit rakentaa linnunpöntön" while simultaneously honing their skills at web development. Several HTML5 UI demos and canvas animations were created for the video. The birdhouse was also a perfect platform for some IoT-action so the team made it communicate with its 8x8 led screen. Inspiring stuff!

De Vaja class of 2019 - Farzad, Emmi, Rohit & Satu

De Vaja class of 2019 - Farzad, Emmi, Rohit & Satu